Jewelry Care Guide

    • Although our gold plated stainless steel pieces are waterproof, we still encourage you to remove them before exercising, swimming and showering to maintain the longevity of its beauty, especially pieces with cubic zirconia. If you do decide to get them wet make sure to wipe them dry and store them in your reusable Dangle pouch.
    • Make sure to avoid constant contact with harsh chemicals such as perfumes, lotions, and hair products as these may damage the layer of metal plating and will cause discoloration.
    • For jewelry with 925 Sterling Silver as the main base material, to ensure the gold plating does not damage, do not expose the jewelry to water, perfumes, alcohol or any other substances. If exposed to any of the above the gold plating will wear off and turn silver.
      Non solid gold jewelry pieces will really experience discoloration over time due to factors such as exposure to moisture, chemical and air.      
      Discoloration is unavoidable but you can always take some precautionary measures to ensure your jewelry will last longer. After use, make sure to clean your jewelry gently with a soft, dry cloth and store them dry in your reusable Dangle pouch.